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Impact Magazine | Spring 2013

Impact Magazine, the publication of the School of Business and Economics at Michigan Tech (MTU), previously functioned as a traditional alumni communication piece. For 2013, I, along with a creative director/editor, writer, staff and freelance photographers were tasked with overhauling the publication for more broad…

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Kiteboarding + SUP 4 Cancer

Cancer affects everyone. The devastating toll that a cancer diagnosis places upon the victim, their family, and their friends can be immeasurable. With so many of us dealing with this life threatening affliction, whether directly or peripherally, it can become overwhelmingly complicated to feel like…

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The Bump-N-Glide

The Columbia River Gorge slices through the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, dividing Oregon and Washington. It’s a beautiful passage that is predictably windy, really windy; so windy in fact that the majority of trees are flagged in the lee direction. Branches simply can’t…

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Kalmiopsis Wilderness Badge

Few places are as special as the Southern Oregon wilderness. Its mild climate and low-density population has a decidedly different feel from the neighboring regions of the North. The Kalmiopsis flower is unique to this wilderness and is representative of the fragility of the area….

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Keweenaw Harvest Feast 2012

Harvest Feast 2012 was the capstone event of the inaugural Keweenaw Food Day – a week-long celebration of healthy, affordable and sustainable food in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. Food Day is coordinated nationally by the Center for Science in the Public Interest and is held annually…

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Sandy River Showdown

Nestled on the flanks of Mt. Hood, just outside of Portland, Oregon, the Sandy River is an incredible drainage offering unlimited recreation both on and off the water. Sam Drevo of eNRG kayaking contacted me a few years ago about putting together a multi-sport race…

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