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A Fresh UI for Michigan Tech

I only spent a brief contract year at Michigan Tech but we got a lot of work done! One of my final projects was to give the homepage and global CMS elements a proper redesign. The old site was certainly functional but lacked the pop…

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SUP Fitness DVD

Nikki Gregg and her crew at SUP Instruction are leading the charge in Stand Up Paddle education. They wanted a fresh DVD layout that would pop at the sale counter and an effective print ad that would generate some pre-release buzz.

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Institutional Equity Campaign

The¬†Office of Institutional Equity was looking for an opportunity to better communicate their core values and benefits with the students, staff and faculty of Michigan Tech. While being an extremely critical component of campus affairs, the OIE is typically overlooked as a compulsory program due…

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The Bump-N-Glide

The Columbia River Gorge slices through the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, dividing Oregon and Washington. It’s a beautiful passage that is predictably windy, really windy; so windy in fact that the majority of trees are flagged in the lee direction. Branches simply can’t…

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Science Of NHL Hockey

Mind Trekkers, part of the Michigan Tech Summer Youth Programs, is a traveling educational outreach program designed to get adolescents excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The program introduces kids to the world of science through engaging experiments. As an Upper Midwest university…

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Sandy River Showdown

Nestled on the flanks of Mt. Hood, just outside of Portland, Oregon, the Sandy River is an incredible drainage offering unlimited recreation both on and off the water. Sam Drevo of eNRG kayaking contacted me a few years ago about putting together a multi-sport race…

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